Tips for Foreigners How to Make a U-turn in Thailand

Driving in Thailand might be difficult for ones who are inexperienced, especially foreigners who have lived in Thailand for only a while. Even for Thai people, making a U-turn in Thailand’s traffic is considered very tricky. To avoid a car accident, knowing about the traffic would be very helpful. These are facts and tips about traffic in Thailand and making a U-turn in Thailand.

Facts about Thailand’s traffic

In Thailand, traffic drives on the left as several countries do, for example, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Africa, and India. Also, Thailand is well-known for traffic jams, which makes many people unable to make a rightmost lane change. For this reason, this problem leads to difficulties when making a U-turn.

 Another fact about traffic in Thailand is that there are areas that allow making a U-turn anywhere. However, there are some areas that do not allow making a U-turn. By noticing signs of prohibiting U-turns, you should be acknowledged where you can or cannot make a U-turn.

 In Thailand, there are also areas where designated U-turn points are placed. In this case, making U-turns at the designated points are always allowed. The designated points are usually at the underpass of a bridge.

Tips for making a U-turn in Thailand

Before making a U-turn, make sure that you are on the rightmost lane not less than 100 meters from the U-turn point. Also, let other drivers know you are going to make a U-turn by turning the right indicator. When you are at the U-turn point, be aware of other cars from oncoming traffic before completing a U-turn. It is quite dangerous if there are any cars from oncoming traffic while you are making a U-turn; this might lead to a car accident. If you are unsure when to make a U-turn, wait until there are no approaching cars from oncoming lanes. While making a U-turn, make sure that you drive into the closest possible lane. Another thing to keep in mind is that while making a U-turn, you have to do it smoothly and quickly to prevent you from having a car accident. The last thing to do when you complete a U-turn is that you have to return to normal speed as soon as possible. Otherwise, a car from oncoming traffic will crash into your car as your car cannot catch up to other cars’ speed.

 Making a U-turn while you are driving in Thailand might be tricky for ones who live in Thailand only for a while. However, it is actually similar to completing a U-turn in other countries. Nevertheless, doing a U-turn carelessly would likely lead to a car accident, which is more bothersome than making a U-turn. So, having car insurance in Thailand would be a wise decision as benefits from car insurance will help you a lot when you have a car accident. And do make sure that you get the best car insurance in Thailand!