Picasa is Google’s free photo software download.

Picasa is an extremely useful software tool to organize, manage and edit your digital photos. Here are 4 reason why Picasa is one of the best free photo software download available.

1. Easy-to-Use – the application is so easy acchihealth.com to use even for the most inexperienced computer user. The interface is simple and extremely intuitive. All the most common functions that average users would need are displayed as buttons. You can move photos around with a simple “click-and-drag.” The application works in tandem with the Windows file tree which means that you can rename photos and cleanup folders within Picasa.

2. Photo Editing Tools – Picasa includes a set of decent photo editing tools which would suit most people. Picasa offers “Basic Fixes” which allow you to crop, remove “red eye” and adjust the lightening. You can also added more advance effects like changing the photo to black-and-white.

3. Picasa Web Albums – you can upload photos from Picasa straight to Picasa Web Albums from within the application. With Picasa Web Albums you are given 250Mb-1GB of storage for free. Picasa Web Albums allows you to share photos with friends by sending them a link via email.

4. Photo Printing – you also get the option to send your digital photos to 3rd party websites for printing. Google has partnered with most of the big photo printing sites like WalMart, Shutterfly and SnapFish. You will need to set up an account with one of these photo printing sites but once you have done this transferring the photos is pretty seamless.

Picasa is a great free photo software download choice for all but the most advanced digital camera users. It can be downloaded as part of Google Pack from the link below.