Men’s Fashion Tips – The Basics of Mens Wear Shoes

They have different lace-ups. Blucher lacing have an open-throat design, while balmoral lacing have a V-shaped lacing. Blucher lacing is preferred by those who have high insteps or need to wear high insoles. Balmoral lacing requires more adjustment than open-throat.

Lace-ups have become the most common style for businesswear. The level of dressiness for lace-up mens dresses shoes styles begins with the leather used (rough grain leathers are more casual than balmoral), then the type and length of the lacing (blucher is considered less formal than balmoral), finally the amount of detailing (the less detailed the shoe, the better).

Slip-ons or loafers can be worn as men’s casual shoes. But slip-ons need not be considered casual. You can find loafers that are specifically designed for black-tie events Men’s Dress Shoes.

These shoes are easy to wear, but they can also be used for formal and casual wear. It’s one of my favorite styles of mens dress shoes. It is simple yet elegant with an extraordinary clean cut. Plain-Toe Oxfords can be made with either balmoral or blucher lacing.

A Plain-Toe Blucher Oxford certainly has a more formal appearance than the balmoral ones.

Plain-Toe Balmoral Oxfords look great for both business and formal occasions. The popularity of the Balmoral Oxford lies in its versatility, elegant, and sturdy design, which draws many men to it.

Plain Blucher Oxfords may also be worn casually for business. You will find it looks more casual when you use rougher leathers. For example, you can use crocodile to create this look.