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Of course, modern technology has made it a lot easier for children and parents alike to enjoy their summer while staying in touch and minimizing any homesickness or melancholy feelings. Between cell phones and emails, it’s possible for everyone to enjoy a modified independence during the summer months!

And speaking of technology, it has also redefined camp registration software advertising and promotion for summer camps. Email marketing is the most effective method, in terms of both finances and desired impact, for summer camps to pitch themselves to new families and stay in touch with those who have already enjoyed all the camps have to offer.

The email marketing of summer camps begins with an investment in the software, which offers the dual advantages of being both affordable and easy to implement. Most camps are operating on a strict budget, but there’s no need to crunch the numbers to embark upon or manage the email marketing of summer camps. Anyone with computer experience can oversee the project.

Email marketing of summer camps is as effective with prospective newcomers as it is with veterans of the experience. Remember the brochures camps used to produce in order to promote themselves? They were expensive to make and to mail and were just as likely to end up unread in the garbage as they were to generate new leads and campers.

But the software ensures these messages are not only delivered straight to the recipient’s inbox but that they are also personalized, both in the subject line and in the greeting-and all at a fraction of the price it would cost to print and mail those old-fashioned brochures. The software also allows for messages to be easily forwarded to other people who are interested in the camp.

The best part about the email marketing software is how easily it can be customized to create an impactful email marketing campaign for summer camps. While these messages always feature information such as the location of the camp, contact information and the dates the camp runs each summer, they can also contain embedded video that will allow parents and children to watch some of the activities that take place every summer. What better way to whet the appetite than by showing all the activities-the swimming, the sports, the cookouts and everything else-that make camp an unforgettable experience for everyone?

The email marketing of summer camps can also provide another way for parents to stay in touch with their children. These messages can be sent out as frequently as the camps would like-from multiple times per week during the summer to once a month in the off-season. The days of wish-you-were-here letters are long gone! Embrace email marketing of summer camps today!