Animation Instantly From Text is a Sensational Hit!

People enjoy watching animation a lot more than just simply reading articles and news online. Throw in a little humor, and people are all over it. Best of all the producers of these animation features can say things they normally wouldn’t be able to say due to political correctness, and since it is a cartoon, they are at liberty to push the limits, and boy do they.

So how far is Animation going these days? It may be moving a little faster than most people think. In fact I have been rather remarkably enchanted by what I have seen. You see, as a prolific online article writer, I am beginning to understand the value of getting my message across by using animation. In just a few items I produced, I’ve been surprised how well the viral marketing online can be.

Last year, I was contacted once from a company in India that converted text to cartoons and they would charge me $15-20 per article depending on word-count. Obviously, with 22,500 articles, I felt compelled to decline, as I’d rather have a new Corvette, a Hummer Golf Cart (in yellow) with gold plated emblems, and small light aircraft. Yes, that would cost a fortune indeed.

In fact, there was a very interesting article just the other day in the Wall Street Journal titled “Animation Nation – Quickly Made Computer-Generated อนิเมะออนไลน์ Cartoons Are Attracting Millions of Viewers Online. Now, Corporations, Advertisers, and Hollywood Executives are Taking Notice,” by Ellen Gamerman published on February 11, 2011.

It was interesting that the Wall Street Journal had picked up this topic and subject and ran with it. And I was even more surprised how much I learned, that I did not know. It’s obvious to me at this point that these animation cartoon features have only begun to hit the scenes. Better yet, the software which is now available can turn text into Animation immediately, with no waiting. And although they are crude and simplistic presently, you can bet that this technology will only get better and more robust in the future.