5 Ways to repay the loan amount Faster

Personal loans are best suited and chosen for planned and unplanned financial situations. It includes expenses for medical emergencies, repaying old loans or debts, investing in appliances, etc. It is important to repay the loan faster and without disturbing your daily expenses.

Follow a proper system to pay all the instalments on time. There are few institutes good at money lending in Tanjong Pagar. Let us understand how to repay loan amounts faster and in an organized manner in this article.

Personal loan

A personal loan is an unsecured type of credit-based loan. It is available at a fixed rate of interest and gives you the freedom to spend it as per your needs and desires.

If not managed properly throughout, paying off the loan can be a big challenge. Here are some ways that will help you to repay your loan.

Know your score

Examine your credit score and history. Check on how many unpaid bills, or instalment dues you have. Knowledge of all your dues and owed amounts will help you to decide the right systematic balance to pay back the loan faster.


Round off the loan instalment.

This is an efficient trick to save up on your payment while repaying it faster. It suggests that if you have enough budget, you can round up the number of your monthly dues, and the extra added money will get deducted from the final principal amount.


Pay with your additional earnings

If you can earn a small chunk of money from side jobs or businesses, you can use that amount to pay back a big part of your loan. This helps you to get off your loan quickly.


Pay Extra in every Installment

One of the best ways of paying the loan amounts faster and cheaper is by adding extra payments every year. Add an extra instalment and pay 2 instalments in one month. If adding an extra EMI does not suit your budget, you can try this. Divide your instalment by 12 and add the result to every month’s payment

Go to low-interest rate institutes

There are many banks and institutes offering loans at a lower rate of interest. Choose a lender that offers an affordable offer and is trustworthy. In case you have already taken the loan, you can transfer it to the bank charging a low rate of interest.


Repaying your loan on time not only gives you relief but also keeps your credit score and history good. This aspect ultimately helps you in your future financial needs. Ensure that you check the rules and terms before going for prepayment. Follow the mentioned tips and tricks to be debt-free as soon as possible.